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Kevan Wylie
Presidente da Associação Internacional para a Saúde Sexual (WAS)

Dear colleagues of SPSC,

As we approach and experience the festive month of December many of us will recall the fond memories of times from the past when the spirit of happiness and good fortune graced our family, friends and homes. We are always seeking the moment when the experience of today matches the memories of the past and our aspirations and hopes show fertile determination to ensure that future repetitions of our December celebrations will be at least as good for our family, children and friends as it was for us in years gone by. Christmas is an important time for the couple and their children in many parts of the world and across many religious groups. Regardless of this, the importance we attribute to sharing time and expressing our desire and love with our most significant other, our spouse or partner, our lover or our close and intimate friend should always be accompanied by non conditional love and exemplary care and affection towards them at any time during the year. One of our roles as sexologists may sometimes be to help individuals and couples find their way back onto and into the pathway of closeness, intimacy and love once again. This is not our work exclusively in the month of December, but something that we often have to assist with throughout the year. Regardless, let us try to ensure we help those who seek advancement and help with their sexual health and sexual lives to find a pathway that can help them find some form of happiness and contentment together or otherwise.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you in Prague at our next WAS congress in May of 2017. Until then let me wish you a most festive and Merry Christmas period if you celebrate this special time in December, a Happy New Year for the celebrations into next year and here is wishing each one of you continued or a return to health in 2017.

Best regards

Sheffield, UK.

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